Suzanne "Suzi" M. Waddill-Goad
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Our Mission...
To utilize our creative talent
and industry expertise for individualized and innovative problem solving to achieve
the most favorable
client outcomes.

Colleague comments:

"You have a great sense of humor and would be great to work both with and for."

"I think you could sell ice to an Eskimo."

"You have great stories."

"You make those around you feel good."

"You know how to connect with people."


The Company is led by Dr. Suzanne "Suzi" M. Waddill-Goad, who has shared her creativity as an educator, executive, manager, coach, trainer and consultant focused in the Healthcare industry since 1978. More...

Client Benefits:

  • ♦  Optimize Business Intelligence: turn data into action for improved customer service, financial outcomes, employee engagement, and patient safety;
  • ♦  Turnaround Initiatives: result in financial, clinical or regulatory improvements;
  • ♦  Cost Reduction: optimize labor and non-labor expense management;
  • ♦  Productivity Enhancement: evaluate work flow with recommendations for improvement;
  • ♦  Leadership Structure: recommend aligned structure and processes resulting in enhanced clinical and operational outcomes;
  • ♦  Infrastructure Analysis: assess design (policies, procedures, unit skill mix, leadership, patient flow, documentation, unit layout, etc.) to augment outcomes;
  • ♦  People Assessment: evaluate competency and work environment culture;
  • ♦  Leadership Development: enhance training to develop leader performance;
  • ♦  Succession Planning: design a standardized solution;
  • ♦  Interim Leadership: facilitate securing interim leaders for key positions;
  • ♦  Regulatory Compliance: assess and devise maintenance systems.

"Suzi is intelligent, innovative and personable; she sees through the complexities to discern the essentials, and is great fun to work with!" Dr. Ruth Hansten, Principal, Hansten Healthcare


"I've worked along side Suzi on several projects and was amazed at her organizational insight and diagnostic skills. She has a finely honed skill for quickly identifying the root causes of organizational maladies. Her solutions are simple yet potent. She should call herself the "Organizational Doctor" because she can turn ailing organizations and teams into healthy, vibrant units."
R.M., Principal Organizational Development Consultant
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"Suzi and I worked together for a number of years and I found her to be highly intelligent, organized, and knowledgeable. She is also personable and fun to work with."
F.F., M.D., Chief of Staff/Surgeon

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