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"I provided Suzi with administrative support when she came to our Hospital as a consultant. Suzi brought hope back into the organization with her upbeat and positive personality, and through her ability to identify issues and address them. She never shied away from a challenge and truly brought positive change to the organization. I feel fortunate to have worked with her."
J.N., Administrative Assistant/Medical Staff Coordinator
"I have had the opportunity to work with Suzi on a couple of different projects. She is a wealth of knowledge! Suzi can assess a problem and give different ways of achieving a successful resolve of the issue at hand."
L.M., Director HIM/Privacy Officer/Consultant

What We Do

Expect Operational Excellence:
♦  Assess and assure compliance maintenance;
♦  Provide compliance recovery solutions;
♦  Assess and enhance business and clinical processes for efficient work flow and patient safety;
♦  Assess and optimize available business intelligence for risk reduction and improved quality outcomes.
Provide Leadership:
♦  Mentor new leaders for role clarity, successful transition, and professional development;
♦  Assess and recommend solutions for succession planning;
♦  Facilitate filling short or longer term leadership vacancies.
Enhance Leadership Team Results:
♦  Lead projects for all types of change initiatives;
♦  Assess and improve Leadership Development programs;
♦  Design and provide expert facilitation and leadership training;
♦  Coach for better outcomes.


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